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How it works

We have hundreds of PRE-RANKED high value MEDICAL and COSMETIC dermatology keywords. The same keywords new customers use to find dermatologists like you.

Then, we overlay your website on top of ours.

Your website remains fully functioning.  All the menus, buttons, videos, scroll bars will all continue to function.


Call Us: 844-442-4714

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Google search with keywords below.

  1.  Google search
  2.  Click our ranked link
  3.  Fill out the form. insert your website
  4.  Your website appear over ours.
  5.  Your website remains fully functional.
  6.  Double check:  Do the search again.
  7.  Viola!!  Instant page 1 ranking.
  8.  Trial lasts 5 minutes


“urticaria treatment in Oakland”

“dermatitis treatment in Oakland”

“ultherapy treatment in Berkeley”

“ultherapy treatment in San Leandro”

“acne vulgaris in San Francisco"

Why it works

It’s difficult to rank high value, high competition keywords in big and medium sized cities where there are a lot of dermatologists.  Lots of doctor’s websites are competing for the same new patients.

However, thousands of people live in the mid-sized cities that do not have multiple medical centers where doctors naturally congregate.

When people search, especially with their mobile phones, their GEO location is what is used to match with their keyword.  So searches for a medical condition or cosmetic service will be matched with their city, even if there are few or no services of that type in that city.

We rank on page one for those high value keywords in those mid-sized cities. As a result, we have hundreds of page 1 ranked, high value search terms in mid-sized cities.  We also have many “long tail" keywords in major cities.

Individually, these search terms do not get as much traffic as the same keyword in a big city, but with hundreds of page 1 rankings over multiple mid-sized cities, JUST ONE CALL can pay for the monthly services of our overlay system.  All this,while increasing the exposure of the services of your practice.

Call Us: 844-442-4714
Call Us: 844-442-4714


  • Hundreds of high value keywords + cities in your service area.

  • Google, Yahoo and Bing rankings
  • Rank your site immediately.
  • Micro target cities for expansion.
  • Bi-weekly keyword ranking reports.
  • There are no set up fees.
  • No waiting for results.
  • Easy Paypal subscription billing.
  • No long term contracts.
  • Cancel anytime.
  • ROI with 1 new customer
  • Option: Include your phone number in our ranked meta description in exchange for 6 month agreement.
  • Additional keywords + city.                            Available upon request.
  • First month, 40% discount

Special Bonus

Add 10 CoolSculpting keywords to each city

See Below


Sample rankings reports

Rankings summary for 62 keywords in 10 cities

Rankings summary for 62 keywords in 10 cities


Ranking reports for 62 keywords in only 10 cities in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area.  Over 720, verifiable, page 1 high value keyword rankings.  Also note, the rankings on Yahoo and Bing.

Yahoo and Bing rankings

Yahoo and Bing rankings


New Subscribers will receive 10 Bonus CoolSculpting keywords added to each city.

10 keywords x 10 cities = 100 added search results.

See the list below.

Coolsculpting treatment
Cool Sculpting
Coolsculpting costs
Coolsculpting before and after
Coolsculpting near me
Coolsculpting upper arms
Coolsculpting does it work
Coolsculpting Results
Coolsculpting cost per area
What is Coolsculpting